With the presence of Monsignor Silvano Tomasi, from Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace, and Juan Grabois, member of the Organizing Committee of the meeting, the presentation of III EMMP 2016 was made.

Various international media attended the press conference where the guidelines of EMMP were introduced, a meeting where social organizations around the world will discuss and generate proposals for a solution to the international crisis with a focus on three main axes were introduced: labor, lodging, land.

At the conference, Juan Grabois and Monsignor Tomari shared the intentions and objectives of the EMMP.

“The Pope speaks about a political system that integrates the excluded, as he stated in Laudato si. Francisco carries the same sensibility today than when he walked the slums of Buenos Aires”, stated Tomasi referring to the initiative from Pope Francis to the popular movements of excluded.

He added, “The Pope wants to raise public awareness about those who lives on the fringes of society” in reference to Catholic social doctrine.

For his part, Juan Grabois, from the Organizing Committee of the EMMP, referred to the characteristics of the third edition. “This is already our third meeting and if we follow the traditional methodology, we would say that the first was about to know our realities (see), in the second to discern what is happening (judge) and in the third, to think proposals for change (Act).”

Also referred to the role of the Pope, “Francis put in the eyes of the world a silenced reality: there are a huge number of organizations, large and small, that are integrated, organized and led by the excluded who are not resigned to misery imposed on them and resist from solidarity the current technocratic paradigm “” the poor should not be the subject of social policies that are designed without their participation but they has to become leading actors in the process of change that allows the return of the sacred rights to labor, lodging, land “

The World Meeting ends on November 5, when popular movements and Pope Francis meet for a dialogue based on the discussions in previous instances.